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Stremio – multi-platform movies and series

Stremio – multi-platform movies and series a complete media center and simple to use, watch movies, series, youtube, live TV and others.


Learn how to watch just about every movie and series you want, including the newly-viewed chapters in this app, everything comes quickly.


Although popcorntime has great content, the stremio is much more complete, a true media center, but much simpler to use than the Kodi or Plex.


Download Stremio


“Watch everything you like in just one place” this is the slogan of the stremio


The stremio has become an alternative to popular popcorntime , due to its ability to play videos through the BitTorrent platform (p2p).




All image qualities


Watch favorite content in the most diverse formats, 480p, 720p HD or 1080p FullHD, this is a big advantage over popcorntime that only has content in HD and FullHD.


Content in 480p makes it assesivel for slower connections, like 1MB, almost impossible in popcorntime to have only HD quality.


Automatic lengendas


The program identifies the language of the operating system and already adds the subtitles automatically, if you prefer to choose to change manually.


That may be useful if you do not have PT-BR subtitles for example, but have PT-PT or reverse, you can make that change if it is not synchronized correctly as well.


Watch on TV and / or tablets and cell phones.


How to send content to watch on the living room TV if it has DLNA technology and is connected to the same network.


The same thing happens in cell phones and tablets, just be connected in the same internal network to send the movie to watch on the mobile device.



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The stremio has a schedule of releases of new episodes of the series, making it easier to find new episodes.


One of the advantages of the stremio is the speed, the new episodes of the series are found with 1 day delay, available with audio in English and subtitles in PT-PT or PT-BR




One big advantage is that it runs on any operating system, Windows, Linux and Mac and will soon be released for Android and iPhone.


Android version released and can be downloaded directly from play store:  Download Android APP


Update  – Exit the iOS version and the app can now be downloaded for iPhone  Download APP iPhone




It has notifications of new episodes of the series that the user watches, plus new channel notifications and added new movies.


Just go to the board tab and see all the news that has been added, there are always new movies and episodes being added.




Another feature of the stremio are the plugins or add-ons, which add functionality to the software, can be official plugins or plugins created by the community.


It is through the add-ons that new forms of content are added, see some available plugins:


YouTube  – Watch your favorite YouTube channels without any advertisement hitting and receiving notifications of new videos and recommendations for new channels based on the movies and shows you watch.

Filmon TV  – Watch over 300 live TV channels with filmon TV

Vodo  – Watch copyrighted movies in the public domain, over 100 free movies

Guidebox  &# 8211; Watch movies and series from netflix, hulu, itunes and others, there are more than 200 thousand available

Netflix – Watch netflix content

Popcorntime – Add content from the popcorntime library
Twitch – see twitch live strems


Soon new add-ons should arrive, and the system is open, any user can create an add-on.


I love it!


The program for having videos from various sources, makes recommendations based on what the user has watched on any of the platforms.

See also about popcorntime for android  and popcorntime for desktop (also multi platform).