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Learn about the platform that will help you learn languages

That digital platforms nowadays are already present almost completely in the lives of students, everyone knows. Whether it is through a simple online research or through specific contents made available on the internet by colleges, postgraduate courses or the like, it is increasingly common to use the great network for studies. And the practice is already becoming so normal that even large European and American colleges already offer content online through internet platforms for students around the world.


The idea may be very well accepted by people who have problems with shyness or people who have difficulty learning or even have problems putting into practice what they have learned in class. The proposal of the platforms is also excellent because it creates in the student the habit of studying from home. One of the great exponents of digital teaching platforms is Preply, which completes three months of activity in the country and already attracts a wide range of students. According to recent data, Brazilians nowadays access the internet from home in most of the real estate in the country and with the arrival of the platform, which already operates in Eastern European countries and the United States, is the great opportunity for many Brazilians who have little time to learn a second language.

Despite the short time in activity, the platform already has almost fifteen thousand English-speaking teachers, which is the language most sought after in all language courses. Besides the English language, the course offers the possibility of learning French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish and even one of the most difficult languages to learn that is Arabic. According to the platform’s website more than 60 thousand students have already found tutors and had their first experience on the site.

The logistics to learn are simple: most classes are conducted via Skype, which is a program of online chatting via text or video. Through it you will get in touch with the available teachers and there hit the first classes. And anyone who thinks that one can learn only languages is mistaken. The Preply platform ( ) also offers a range of subjects that range from Exact, Human, Art and even music, with classes that can be taught in person or via Skype, becoming a big balcony for Who has little time available or difficulty to move to traditional courses.


It is an educational platform that enables the search for teachers or tutors that was founded in April 2013 and already operates in several countries in Europe and the United States. One of the great differences of the platform is to enable the student to choose a tutor in their locality or even in other places of the world. The student also has the possibility of doing a search based on its geographical location or even by price (which varies according to each teacher). The payment method is made entirely by the platform and the student can still count on 100{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1} of the return of his money if the lesson does not occur or the teacher is not adapted to his needs.