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Digital Info is a website that addresses the most diverse subjects of computer science, analysis of the most diversified products, as well as news and information about everything that is in the technology nowadays. It originally appeared in  October 2015 , released by Abel Alves, who is currently part of the Digital Info team and also publishes articles on the topics covered in the website in several newspapers of great circulation.

Today, Digital Info is a reference when it comes to computing. With its own style – simple and pleasant language – and a dedicated team, it addresses the Windows and Linux operating systems, the most used in the Brazilian market, as well as occasional analyzes of games and computer components. In a blog format in a modern and bold layout, it allows non-stop web site users to post comments on daily news and tips.

Digital Info  Answers  is a question and answer system with qualified users with knowledge in various areas of computer science and technology, who are always willing to help others. In just over two months, our service has reached the mark of 500 questions, 2000 answers and 300 users.

The technical part of the thing

The Info Digital website runs proudly under the open source WordPress system, which has millions of users worldwide, while Info Digital Answers is powered by Question2Answer, the advanced question and answer system.