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Meet the muv pro Quantum’s new bet on the intermediate market

Officially launched in 2015, Quantum GO was one of the biggest surprises in the smartphone s market . The device arrived bringing fairly balanced technical specifications, which pleased the public that looked for a device within the category of intermediaries. Price was another feature that attracted attention: unlike what was happening with the main competitors, Quantum GO arrived at a very competitive value and compatible with the hardware it offered.

In contrast to manufacturers who were betting on increasingly expensive handsets , the company preferred cost-effective, which ended up consecrating this model as one of the most successful in the last year. In 2016, the same Quantum brought a series of innovations to expand its portfolio here in the national market. The highlight is the Quantum MÜV Pro, which belongs to the MÜV family and comes to maintain the company’s good image in Brazil.

With the arrival of this smartphone , some consumers began to have doubts. After all, we now have a large family of devices , containing not only MÜV and MÜV Pro but also Quantum GO and Quantum FLY. That’s why the manufacturer invited us to talk a little more about these devices , with special emphasis on the Quantum MÜV Pro. Let’s clear some doubts before publishing our definitive review, which will be published in the next few days.


After all, what’s with the
Quantum MÜV Pro?

It came to meet the demand of those consumers who are looking for a good smartphone intermediary. However, we know that usually the devices in this category have a performance, camera and even a construction that falls short of what is expected by most users.

The Quantum guarantees have worked hard to deliver a smartphone that meets the most demanding. The focus of the company , after all, is the user experience, something that strongly guided the creation of the MÜV family. However, this view did not disrupt the goal of bringing back the good cost-benefit, trademark of Quantum GO.

First-class finish

In the visual aspect, detail that ends up capturing the attention of the user first, Quantum highlights the work done in the construction of the back cover of the devices s of the MÜV family. For this, a unique technique called MetalPrint was used that applied a thin metallic layer on the surface of the cover. For finishing, a pattern with a pattern of concentric circles that reflect light in all directions is used. The finishing touch is given by four layers of paint and one of varnish that give the smart appearance of the smartphone .

Design ergonomic

Available Colors




Technologies to improve photos

Consumers are no longer evaluating the camera of a smartphonebased only on the amount of megapixels. For this reason, Quantum is committed to technologies that can truly improve the quality of recorded photos and the experience of using capture software.

Rear camera

Photos made with MUV PRO
Photos made with MUV PRO
Photos made with MUV PRO
Photos made with MUV PRO
Photos made with MUV PRO

A good example is the inclusion of the PDAF, or Phase Detection Auto Focus of the acronym in English. This phase-detection autofocus technology works much faster than the one based on the contrast of the images, producing much better and faster photos.

The PDAF also works best in capturing images in night-time environments, as it does not depend on this difference between the light and dark spots at the time of producing the photo. The same goes for those with moving objects. Thanks to this technology, which was born in professional cameras, the Quantum MÜV can focus images in just 0.3 seconds. That way, you will not miss that specific moment while waiting for the phone to focus.

On the front camera , the highlight of the Quantum MÜV Pro is the ability to illuminate the selfies with the screen. It is still possible to take advantage of the modes of beautification, which hide wrinkles and lighten skin tone.

Front camera

And it is no use betting on technologies for the camera, but offer a display that does not meet this quality. That’s why Quantum brings TruView technology, which promises to show more color and has better contrast than traditional LCDs.

Fire power

After convincing the public that the smartphone is beautiful and makes good pictures, Quantum was concerned to please those who are looking for a high-performance device . To do this, the company once again worked with MediaTek to offer a device that promises to satisfy even the most demanding users.

The Quantum MÜV Pro comes equipped with an eight-core processor with a speed of 1.3 GHz. The total of 2 GB of RAM completes the set, ensuring the ability to run quietly most of the games and apps available in the official Google store .

If you’re worried about storage for storing photos and videos, Quantumprovides peace of mind with its 16 GB and support for cards up to 128 GB. The MÜV family still has support for 4G Dual-SIM, FM radio – important for the Brazilian public – and Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system for a seamless and secure interface experience.

Away from the shots for
a day

We know it’s no use to be nice, have a good camera and high performance, but do not last anything away from the sockets, so Quantum was concerned about that when determining the MÜV’s battery capacity .

With a respectable 2,800 mAh, the company ensures that both models have enough battery life to keep you untroubled all day. It’s important to note that all this is only possible thanks to the power management system of the MediaTek processor and the software adjustments that Quantum did on Android .

It’s from Brazil!

To help those who have a problem with the smartphone , Quantumoffers a total of 113 establishments authorized to fix the company’s devices . This is one of the advantages of buying a model from a national manufacturer that offers a personalized warranty service. If you happen to live in a place that is not serviced, just open a call and send the device through the Post Office. All on behalf of Quantum .

Now if you’re one of those who like customizations, Quantum has special surprises. They are various accessories and additional to the device MUV s family that adapt to the body smartphone . It has plastic film, glass film, backcovers in various colors and textures, flip style cover and even a car kit with charger and stand, the Quantum Drive. All these items were made with quality materials and tailored to fit perfectly into both MÜV and MÜV Pro.

Technical specifications

SYSTEM Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
RESOLUTION 1280×720 pixels (HD)
CHIPSET MediaTek MT6753 (64-bit)
PROCESSOR 1.3 GHz Octa-core
GPU Mali-T720MP3
REAR CAMERA 16 MP with f / 2.0 aperture
FRONT CAMERA 8 MP with f / 2.2 aperture
DRUMS 2,800 mAh
CONNECTIVITY WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio, micro USB 2.0 and GPS (A-GPS)
SENSORS Accelerometer and proximity
HEIGHT 152.9 mm
WIDTH 76.8 mm
WEIGHT 148 g
COLORS Mirage Gold, Midnight Blue and Cherry Blossom

How about you, Quantum MÜV Pro? Do you believe that this smartphone will be able to maintain the cost-effectiveness offered by Quantum GO? Share with us your opinion here in the field of comments!