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Meet new family of LG TVs

With more and more advanced features, having a Smart TV at home today already makes a lot of sense to many people. It has been a while since consumers no longer need to be “hostage” to the programming of open television and the traditional broadcasters that dominate the segment. Even paid channels are no longer the suprassumo of those who rely on television entertainment, something that has been present in Brazilian life since the 1950s.

LG is one of the companies that stand out the most in the segment of smart and connected televisions.

Today, the footprint is another and completely different from what was available a few years ago. With the arrival and dominance of the internet, in addition to creating the concept of Smart TV , consumers have the same freedom as if they were browsing the big network through a computer, tablet or smartphone. The content offering has also changed. Instead of traditional channels, you can now count on services like Netflix, YouTube, Globo Play and a myriad of other programs that have opened the door to a gigantic world of entertainment and fun.

LG TV Line

However, in addition to this transformation in behavior, another even more significant change brought by Smart TV s is the jump in transmission quality. The arrival of the digital signal – in addition to other advances, such as new technologies -, which came to replace the low-quality analog, has made a great improvement in aspects such as definition, sharpness, contrast, brightness and resolution . All to provide the best possible experience for consumers.

Within this context, changeable as any area in technology, LG is one of the companies that stand out the most in the segment of smart and connected televisions. With a complete line, ranging from models with integrated WiFi and the most intuitive webOS platform , to Smart TV s with 4K resolution and HDR support, the company has been consecrated as one of the pioneers in this field.

LG has invited us to talk about their Smart TV ‘s lines and help consumers choose the ideal model to fit all their needs.

The production of this material was sponsored by LG.

LG TV Line

It is not uncommon to be surprised at the quality of LG TVs. The Info Digital ever had the opportunity to analyze various modelsmanufactured by the company, with particular emphasis on the LG OLED TV ULTRA HD 4K 55 inch (55EG9200) – check out our review of this TV from this link . Therefore, we have the property to say that yes, LG products offer an exceptional quality and have a lot of potential to surprise due to the design and transmitted images.

In recent years, LG has also made it clear that it has inherited the commitment to innovation and development from years ago

However, there is no need for Info Digital totalk too much to convince consumers that LG is one of the leaders in this segment. The company has been working with televisions for more than half a century, having released its first model, the VD-191, in 1966. This TV is considered a giant leap in the market as it was the first black and white broadcasting device in Korea South.

LG TV Line

LG has also been a pioneer in many other moments since the launch of the VD-191. In 1979, the company introduced the first color and computerized TV, the CNP-804, with the ability to go into sleep mode and a digital clock. It is logical that these features seem a joke in the face of the features offered by today’s Smart TVs , a market in which LG was also a pioneer after bringing the first Smart model from Brazil. But all this shows the commitment with innovation and development that the company maintains until today.

In recent years, LG has also made it clear that it has inherited its commitment to innovation and development from years ago. In 2004, the 55LP10D was considered the first 55- inch TV with Full HD resolution . In 2010, it was the turn of the 55 / 47LX9500 to be considered the first Full LED TV with 3D capability. As early as 2013, the beautiful 55EA9800 – which was analyzed by Info Digital – won the title of first model OLED with curved screen coming to market. LG is still the only one that has this technology in the category, being considered a pioneer in this segment.

Now, in a new phase of commitment to innovation and development, LG brings a full line of Smart TV s to please different types of audiences. There are several models for each of the series and great focus on some specific functionalities.

LG TV Line

It is not easy to choose a new product when you do not have technical expertise in a given area. That is what the following paragraphs will serve. The Info Digital will help readers decide the line of Smart TV LG s that fits your needs perfectly.

LG’s Smart TV line 2016 is divided into the following categories: LG Smart TV , LG Smart TV webOS , LG UHD TV 4K, LG SUPER UHD TV 4K and LG OLED TV.

The LG Smart TV line is the most practical of all because it offers useful features for anyone who wants a simple navigation television and apps for fun. Netflix, YouTube, Globo Play, movies, games, TV shows and a plethora of applications are available anytime in the models of this series, which still rely on integrated WiFi.

Owners of a Smart TV also have the best football thanks to Interactive Sport and the free EI Plus app. With this app, you can watch all the games of the biggest clubs in Europe and follow the great stars without paying anything for a period of one year.

For whom?

Ideal for those who want a practical television , capable of performing basic but functional activities, such as watching the reprise of soap operas, a movie on Netflix or videos on YouTube.

Know the models of the LG Smart TVline

Equipped with the webOS system , the televisions of this line stand out for guaranteeing a light and fluid experience. The webOS is the evolution of Smart TV , being considered the best Smart Market platform. Faster and much more intuitive, webOS delivers a better consumer experience.

The TVs on this line also have built-in WiFi, simple navigation and apps for fun, but all packaged with an interface for anyone who wants to experience the best in operating systems for TVs. Instead of a poorly optimized system that offers a negative experience, webOS enhances the use of your Smart TV , transforming the moments in which you pass in front of the TV.

For whom?

Ideal for anyone looking for the convenience of a LG Smart TV , but care about being in tune with the technology and want to take advantage of the best of TV operating systems.

Get to know LG Smart TV webOSmodels

The LG UHD 4K TV line models represent the first step for people who are learning to truly enjoy the details of an image displayed on TV. The TVs in this series feature HDR PRO, a new image capture method with a wider range of colors for amazing images, IPS 4K for details at any angle and webOS platform .

For whom?

Ideal for those who start to care about the picture quality and enjoy the details of filming, watching all the details of series and movies played on TV.

Meet the models of

The LG SUPER UHD TV 4K TVs are the suprassumo for anyone looking for TV entertainment. The models feature Dolby Vision-certified HDR Super for high contrast, brightness and color fidelity images, IPS 4K for details at any angle, and the webOS platform .

For whom?

Ideal for people who care about image quality, want to enjoy the best in every scene and want to invest to pay for it all.

Discover the models of the line

The LG OLED TV models feature precise color reproduction thanks to pixel technology that auto-illuminates. A sound immersion is provided by the Sound Bar with 2.2 channels with amazing bass, developed in partnership with harman / kardon.

The webOS 3.0 system , faster and much more practical, comes with new features and an even better experience. Dolby Vision HDR support ensures images with enhanced brightness, contrast and detail through frame-by-frame calibration.

For whom?

Ideal for those who care about color fidelity, accurate reproduction of all tones and want it all accompanied by an integrated and quality sound system.

Get to know LG OLED TV models

LG TV Line

Yes, we know LG’s TVs are amazing. But if you are looking for a specific experience – or even if you have no idea what you want to experience – you will have to fit into one of the lines to feel comfortable. That’s why we’re here: to help you, the reader, choose the right model for your needs.

  • Are you looking for a Smart TV practice where you can take advantage of apps like Netflix and YouTube to have fun? Go from LG Smart TV .
  • If you’re looking for the convenience of a Smart TV , but care about the technology to the point where you want to try out what’s best about TV operating systems, your choice is LG Smart TV webOS .
  • Looking for better picture quality begins to be a part of your life and would you like to have access to experience enhancement technologies? Go for LG UHD 4K TV .
  • But if you are extremely demanding with picture quality and want to take advantage of what technology has the best to offer, regardless of price, your choice is LG SUPER UHD TV 4K .
  • And if you care about color fidelity, accuracy in the reproduction of all shades and want to enjoy it with an integrated sound system, choose the models of LG OLED TV .

There are several models for each of these lines, varying screen size, display type, resolution , smart capability and HDR technology support. So you need to sit down and evaluate your needs and each of these categories very well. After all, one of these televisions will suit perfectly for you.