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Battleborn: All about the new first-person MOBA from Gearbox

The universe you know is infinite. Vast as the horizon and all the stars that shine in the sky. But it can also become a dark and uninhabitable place. As cold as the silence of an endangered star.

When practically all the stars of the universe have been erased forever, a select group of heroes is summoned to defend the last star of a powerful evil and surrounded by mysteries. Your struggle is to save all forms of life. Welcome to Battleborn .

Wrapped in this epic battle, Battleborn is Gearbox’s new bet for a first-person action game that blends an interesting storyline with shootings, spells, strategy, and many RPG elements.

Also featuring many similarities with the MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) genre , the game has different attractions to win new and experienced players into frenzied team matches, including a universe built by the same creators of the series Borderlands .

The difference is that Battleborn does not boil down to the concept of arena battles , expanding into campaign modes that can be explored on their own or as a team. This also includes a new experience within MOBAs from first-person view.

Beginners in the genre have at their disposal multiplayer missions to adapt to as many elements of action as the characteristics of each hero, skills, equipment available and goals of each game.

On the other hand, MOBA specialties find a new way to play the genre in a first-person view. There are options for customization and unlocking of characters, skins and other content from player levels, as well as a competitive environment that takes advantage of the current fever of major video games championships .

After all, the fight for the last star of the universe will not happen without a good and frantic pounding.


RPG elements with customization and skin unlocking

Frenetic first-person shooter with spells, shootings and pounding

History and unique environments, created by the directors of Borderlands

Beginners at MOBA: missions to learn to play with friends

To the veterans in the MOBA: competitive environment with FPS taste

Introduction to Battleborn


The launch of Battleborn is scheduled for May 6 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . But to speed things up, an open beta phase for all players kicks in from April 8 (PS4) and April 13 (PC / Xbox One ).

You can register and download the game right now to participate in all the action! No passwords or records are required.

Invitation to beta


Battleborn has many mechanics from traditional shooting games . The difference is that since each character will have different weapons and abilities, the way they play with each one varies. While one focuses on flying and firing rockets at enemies, another can stand behind the lines of attack to heal the allies.

The controls also vary depending on the version you try. In the computer , the classic experience of shooters is present, with the movement by the keyboard and the aim executed by the mouse. On other platforms, everything is done by the control buttons.

And, with the presence of spells and special abilities, more actions are used by the players during the game. You get a map of the most important commands below.

PC gameplay
PC gameplay
Gameplay console

Game Modes


Do you like quests to venture alone? Or epic competitive matches between players? For Battleborn reserves these two possibilities for all those in love with MOBAs and shooting games .

In addition to all this, you can customize your character through the Gear Box, which enhances your hero’s attributes. Or even modify the effects of your skills with Helix, the special age tree of your champion’s spells.

Learn more about each of these possibilities below.

Game Modes


Venture through the campaign and participate in the adventure that will decide the fate of all. An evil force is about to destroy the last star of the universe, and the player will participate in a real onslaught against this powerful threat.

This narrative can be seen on its own, but players can also join friends on the internet or split screen to face these dangerous missions.

Experience bonuses and other rewards are waiting for everyone to accept the campaign mode quests.

Game Modes


Shootings and spells everywhere? You are just beginning their adventure in the way multiplayer of Battleborn . Ten players meet in small arena with troops and need to complete goals to win the match.

Incursion: Destroy enemy troops and characters and advance your monsters against the opposing base.

Devastation: The classic kills where each team must eliminate all enemies and control specific points on the map.

Collapses: points dispute between the two teams, where each one must guide his minions to them if they play in the incinerators in the center of the map.


Want to venture into multiplayer ? So always be aware of the map, for it indicates where the enemy troops and heroes are. Each mode has different goals, so always walk with your team to help them win.

And be very careful of the towers as they do considerable damage to your life. It is possible to shoot at them to end this threat for a period of time.

Participating in matches guarantees experience points in Command Rank and Character Rank. You check the specific unlocks for each in the “unlocks” section, below.



During gameplay, you can collect crystal fragments that can be used in a variety of ways, such as building towers and other strategic technologies on the map.

Another utility, however, is the purchase of equipment through the Gear Box menu. They appear at the bottom of the screen and enhance your hero’s specific attributes such as life, stamina, and damage from weapons and spells.


Do not worry too much about Gear Box gear in the first few games. In addition to being unlocked according to the level of your account, they are gradually purchased with the points earned during the games.

Also pay attention to the focus you want to give your character. Want a hero with more life and stamina? So buy them early on to ensure their survival for longer on the battlefield. Do you want deadly blows? Then increase the damage of your hits in exchange for attack speed.

Gear Box


Helix is nothing more than a system for you to customize and enhance the hero on the battlefield. During the match, your character gains XP points for killing enemy troops, and thereby increases his or her basic attributes by their level.

However, the highlight of this system is the possibility to give new effects to the spells according to your preferences.

At each level, you have two different options to hone your skills, slowing down an area spell or increasing the healing done by your character. The choice is at your own risk.


The Helix system allows you to adapt your character as the battle unfolds. If your team takes too long to eliminate enemy troops, you may want to increase damage to your hero’s area.

Or, if you are very vulnerable against many murderers, invest in more healing or effects that help you easily get out of unfavorable situations.



When finalizing each of the missions or matches, the player gains experience points for two different types of ranking. Are they:

Command Rank: The level of your account, which serves to free the equipment (“gears”) and new characters.

Character Rank: The level of specialization present in each of the heroes, allowing to release new skins and props.

In addition to these unlocks, the player can release pieces of the story of each character by completing specific goals for the hero.

And to help in the evolution and purchase of equipment, global challenges are present, bonus points, credits, titles and other content.


Heroes of Battleborn


Currently, there are 25 heroes who make up the cast of heroes of the universe. Each of them has six different abilities, ranging from spells that are activated to passive modifiers of their attacks and attributes.

They are also separated into different functions within the battlefield. Follow each of the classifications.


Focused on evaporating with the enemies, the killers will not take pity to eliminate heroes and creatures with few blows and shots. They are separated into two classes:


Warriors with quick approach skills to shatter enemies with their hand guns.


Long distance shooters with very high precision and deadly bullets. They have field recognition skills to assist in this task.


A great example of this function is Thorn, the sniper patrolman of the Ekkunar jungles with cursed arrows.




Passive skill. Strengthens Thorn’s Bow, increasing damage, range and accuracy. Holding the arrow before firing also increases these attributes.


Shoot five arrows horizontally, each dealing small damage and bouncing off the ground.


Passive skill. Thorn does not have a shield, depending on his rapid movement to survive during the fighting.


Charges a bomb of energy that explodes in the ground, causing massive damage and knocking the enemies back.


Passive skill. Hitting an enemy with a charged arrow will curse the target for eight seconds. The damage from other attacks is increased by 35{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1} to the cursed victims.


Creates a field that eats enemies and deals small damage by time.



The heart of the warriors is always at war. No matter how chaotic the battlefield is, they always dive in the front line to strike head-on with the enemies. In Battleborn , you will find three types of this class:


Invoked heroes who want to hit enemies with their handguns. They rely on devastating spells to come close and withstand a lot of damage.


More vulnerable than brawlers, skirmishers seek the battle with more agility and deadly skills. To compensate, they are more vulnerable.


They begin battles, rapidly approaching opponents and leaving them vulnerable for a period of time.


Among the warriors, perhaps the dwarf ekkuni Boldur is one of the best representatives among the brawlers.



Passive skill. Boldur has a heavy ax, but can be thrown during battles.


Increases ax damage by attacking closely or regenerating life when blocking with the shield. It also gives special effects to other spells.


Passive skill. Killing enemies increases the attack speed of Boldur’s body-to-coprpo attacks.


Boldur jumps and lands in one place, dealing damage and knocking down enemies. With the runes, it dramatically increases the damage of the fall.


Passive skill. The hero does not have a shield of energy, but a physical shield to block the attacks and recover life in the defense mode.


Throw the ax, dealing average damage on all enemies hit. With runes, the power of the throw is much greater.


The special age of supporters is to keep allies protected and further increase the battle conditions of the team. They can be further divided into two categories:


Walking doctors, they cover the team with healing spells and other abilities to keep opponents well away.


Specialized in creating (and destroying) shields, they also perform secondary functions of damage and terrain protection.


Miko is one of the classic examples of support. Being the last surviving bud of a fungal colony, the healer has several options to help the allies




Passive skill. As a primary attack, Miko launches several poisoned kunals, while in the secondary launches healing to the allies.


A spore bag is thrown into a spot, causing damage and slowness to the enemies within it.


Passive skill. Miko counts on quick regeneration of life and abilities.


Cast a mushroom that creates an area of effect for 45 seconds. Allies within it come to life.


Passive skill. The kunais do small poison damage for two seconds.


Heroin gains a large health bonus for five seconds, also increasing healing radius.



The special ists cover different functions in the Battle flow. Whether it is to quickly kill enemy monsters or control specific positions, they serve to streamline the team’s strategy. There are three different functions:


It has a larger arsenal than other heroes, betting on traps, machine guns and other equipment to adapt to the war.


Much like “disruptors,” this class focuses on controlling specific points on the map through an extremely powerful arsenal.


By telling enemy troops quickly, its function is to keep allies in control of the battlefield.


Benedict, the peace-loving bird, fits into the “pusher” position by being able to fly and fire rockets from afar.



Passive skill. Benedict’s weapon inflicts heavy damage on a large area of impact.


A missile guided by the player that deals massive damage in area. Reactivating the skill during use explodes the projectile in advance.


Passive skill. The hero is reinforced by an armor that supports large amounts of damage.


Throw the character to the skies, being able to better visualize the battlefield or retreat from the action.


Passive skill. Benedict is capable of double jumping. Holding the button also causes him to plan for a limited time.


Shoot a special rocket that deals damage to area and marks an enemy. The shots then go to this target.

Heroes of Battleborn