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Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone

The most powerful Galaxy ever released has just arrived in Brazil. We dissect the device and we show absolutely everything you need to know about the newest top of the line Samsung

The Galaxy S6 represents a new milestone for Samsung . At least that is the expectation of the company, which currently holds the leadership in the smartphone market , but saw its reign threatened in 2014. The company’s new top of the line comes to the stores with completely renewed look, bringing news that can split opinions betweenConsumers.

The new Galaxy S6 has no more removable battery , no micro SD card slot and no longer waterproof. The finish of the device, whose quality has been much questioned in the past, now uses the best materials possible. In addition, the company’s market positioning has also changed. The idea now is to put itself among the competitors with a premium model, which offers a differentiated look in addition to the powerful hardware.

Is it worth investing your money on the most expensive Android today? This is what we will find out now in this super-analysis, in which we unravel everything you need to know about the Galaxy S6 . In this analysis , we used two models of Galaxy S6 : the blue version was loaned by Samsung . Already the white version was provided by the store Cissa Magazine. In the coming days we will release an analysis on the S6 edge model separately.


  • Operational system
  • Android 5.0.2
  • Screen
  • Super AMOLED 5.1 Inch with Gorilla Glass 4 Protection
  • Screen resolution
  • 2560×1440 pixels
  • Density of pixels
  • 577 ppi
  • Chipset
  • Exynos 7420
  • CPU
  • Quad-core Cortex-A53 1.5 GHz + quad-core Cortex-A57 2.1 GHz
  • GPU
  • Mali-T760MP8
  • RAM
  • 3GB
  • Storage
  • 32GB, 64GB or 128GB (not expandable) – initially only 32GB in Brazil
  • Back camera
  • 16 megapixels (with auto focus, LED flash and optical image stabilization)
  • Frontal camera
  • 5 megapixels
  • Drums
  • 2,550 mAh lithium-ion battery (non-removable)
  • Connectivity
  • WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / a, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, 3G and LTE
  • Dimensions
  • 14.34 cm (height) x 7.05 cm (width)
  • Thickness
  • 0.68 cm
  • Weight
  • 138 grams
  • Colors
  • White, black, gold and blue
  • Official price
  • R $ 3.299
Samsung Galaxy S6


Forget everything you know about the Galaxy line in terms of design. Say goodbye to construction with simpler materials with the overuse of plastic and the fragile looking look that many consumers have complained about in previous models. That idea of a smartphone top line with price compatible with other market Androids also stayed behind. The new Galaxy S6 comes to the shops renovated and with a visual that undeniably refers to two other devices: the iPhone 6 and the Sony Xperia Z3.

The sides have gained a metal finish, with curved and rounded lines. On the right side are the volume controls and on the left side is the power button and the SIM card (nano) jack. The single body of the device now keeps the housing sealed, and it is not possible to remove the battery . There is also no micro SD card slot. Plastic details appear on the top and bottom.

On the front, the traditional Home button was kept intact, also serving as fingerprint sensor. In fact, the player has been increased and improved: now you no longer need to slide your fingers over the button to unlock the device by simply touching the button so that the command is immediately recognized. The audio output is located at the bottom of the phone , as well as the micro USB input for recharging.


The back has been completely renovated. Models are available in four colors: white, black, gold and blue.

The usability of the product is one of the aspects that deserve to be highlighted. In relation to the previous model, the thickness was reduced from 0.81 cm to 0.68 cm, enough to make it perceptibly thinner. Even with the new materials used in its construction being heavier, the final set is 7 grams lighter than that of the Galaxy S5.

Handling the appliance is a pleasant experience. Its footprint is firm and the screen size – 5.1 inches – seems to be a perfect intermediate between the current models, which range mostly between 4.5 and 5.5 inches. The footprint is comfortable and the equipment conveys a sense of elegance and stamina. Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful handset ever made by Samsung .

Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos Galaxy S6 Photos



To perform this analysis , we submitted the Samsung Galaxy S6 to five benchmark applications. They are: 3D Mark (Ice Storm Unlimited), AnTuTu Benchmark 5, Basemark X, GFX Bench (T-Rex HD Off Screen and T-Rex HD On Screen) and Vellamo Mobile Benchmark (HTML 5 and Metal).

For comparison purposes, the following tests were carried out on the following smartphones : Sony Xperia Z3, New Moto X, LG G4, OnePlus One, Moto Maxx and HTC One (M8). The result of each of the tests, as well as the meaning of the scores, you can see in the table below.

Click on the names to view the test.

Basemark X

Basemark X focuses on measuring the graphics quality of the devices. Based on the Unity 4 engine, the app applies high-density testing, showing which of the devices performs best in running games. The higher the score, the better the performance.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 38,758

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 29,372

  • Motorola Moto Maxx – 31,537

  • Motorola Moto Moto X – 25,412

  • OnePlus One – 25,665

  • Sony Xperia Z3 – 24,492

  • LG G4 – 24,921

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 18.273

AnTuTu Benchmark 5

One of the most highly regarded benchmark applications in its class, AnTuTu Benchmark 5 tests interface, CPU, GPU and RAM. The results are summed and generate a final score. The higher the score, the better the performance.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 62,741

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 48,685

  • Motorola Moto Maxx – 47,137

  • Motorola Moto Moto X – 43,893

  • OnePlus One – 44,603

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 49,807

  • Apple iPhone 6 – 49,118

  • Sony Xperia Z3 – 39,348

  • LG G4 – 48,069

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 43,208

GFX Bench (T-Rex HD)

GFXBench is a cross-platform test application that analyzes the graphics and computational processing power of the devices. The graphical API used is OpenGL ES and the tests fall into several different categories. In order to be able to compare devices from different systems, we use the tests flagged as “offscreen”, in which the resolution of all tests is locked in 1080p internally. The higher the score, the better the performance.


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 58

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 37.7

  • Motorola Moto Maxx – 42.1

  • Motorola New Moto X – 27,5

  • OnePlus One – 28.2

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 44.3

  • Apple iPhone 6 – 42.6

  • Sony Xperia Z3 – 27,6

  • LG G4 – 35

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 26.4

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark applies two tests to the device: HTML5 and Metal. The first one evaluates the performance of the mobile phone in direct access to the internet via browser. In the Metal test, the final number indicates the performance of the processor . The higher the score, the better the performance.


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 5.034

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 4,679

  • Motorola Moto Maxx – 3,792

  • Motorola Moto Moto X – 3.477

  • OnePlus One – 3,146

  • Sony Xperia Z3 – 2,795

  • LG G4 – 4.227

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 1,768


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 2,663

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 1.846

  • Motorola Moto Maxx – 1,796

  • Motorola Moto Moto X – 1,656

  • OnePlus One – 1,586

  • Sony Xperia Z3 – 1,555

  • LG G4 – 2,314

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 1,247

3D Mark (Ice Storm Unlimited)

The 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited is used to make direct comparisons between processor and GPUs. Factors such as display resolution may affect the final result. The higher the score, the better the performance.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 21,846

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 19,680

  • Motorola Moto Maxx – 21,238

  • Motorola Moto X – 19.436

  • OnePlus One – 18,996

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 17,846

  • Apple iPhone 6 – 17,493

  • Sony Xperia Z3 – 17,178

  • LG G4 – 18.463

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 12,691


The Galaxy S6 marks the beginning of a new generation. That does not mean it’s a pioneer or something, it just coincides that your upgrade cycle is the first to start among all the major manufacturers. That way, whenever the Galaxy family’s top-of-the-line cell phone is released , it ends up reigning alone on benchmarks for a few months until competitors arrive in stores.

This time was not different. The novelty here is that the South Korean company decided to opt for a processor of its own manufacture, the Exynos 7420, instead of following the natural evolution of the line Snapdragon, Qualcomm. The choice seems to have been right. Added to 3 GB of RAM, the Galaxy S6’s performance leaves nothing to be desired. In benchmark tests, for example, the handset overcame in most of the applications it was submitted to.

However, numbers in tests do not mean anything if in practice the situation is different. Fortunately this is not the case here. In all the usability tests we did, the device did very well. If the top-of-the-line phones available today are already capable of running pretty much everything in the Play Store, a device with even better hardware is not much different from that.


Galaxy S6 running Dungeon Hunter 5

Heavy games, social networking applications, multitasking features with two apps simultaneously open and transition between one app and another. All this has been done satisfactorily and we have absolutely no negative points worthy of mention. It is noteworthy that these results were observed with a week of testing and, as time goes by, there may be a natural drop in performance. However, we believe it is not significant enough to compromise product quality for a long time.

Comparing directly with the Galaxy S5, evolution is notorious. The new phone opens applications faster, allows them to switch between them more agility and is more stable at all times, without delays in the response time to the ringtones. Incidentally, the delays on the Touchwiz interface were heavily criticized on the last handsets and this time they finally are over. During use, we measured the outside temperature of the Galaxy S6 and rarely exceeded 40 ° C – a number that is within normal usage parameters. However, the metal on the sides gives the feeling that the heat is greater than the real, but this did not bother at any time.


If it’s true that the first impression is the one you get, the impression you’ll get from seeing the Galaxy S6 ‘s 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen is the best it can be. The device has now reached a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels – the same as the LG G3 and Moto Maxx – which results in a pixel density of impressive 577 ppi. Unlike its competitors, however, Samsung has Super AMOLED technology in their favor and that makes a good difference.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Galaxy S6 has the best display among the cell phones already launched. And this can be perceived very naturally in a dark environment. With the lights off, movies and series appear sharper, with high contrast indices that result in beautiful images.

Galaxy S6 Screen


Thanks to the high density of pixels, there is practically no pixelization in the images. Seeing a picture on the phone’s display , for example, can impress with the richness of detail. The brightness control levels are equally satisfactory. Even when the device is viewed from unfavorable angles, there is virtually no color distortion or loss of quality in the displayed content.

Under the sunlight, the result is also pleasant. The index of reflections on the screen is low and with the brightness adjusted correctly you can check any app without much difficulty. Touch sensitivity is the best possible. The oleophobic layer is effective and allows the slip of the fingers to be smooth, without hindrance. Among all the features of the device, possibly the screen is where Samsung’s best work is .


When the specs of the Galaxy S6 were announced, we were left with one foot behind in the battery case . Compared to the Galaxy S5, battery capacity decreased from 2800 mAh to 2550 mAh. In addition, the screen, one of the points that consumes a lot of energy, had its resolution increased significantly.

In our tests, the battery life was only reasonable and, at times, lower than the Galaxy S5. The Lollipop version of Android, coupled with the Exynos 7420 processor , do a good job, reducing power consumption to the point where, even with less capacity, the battery life is practically the same as that of a 250 mAh more.

Galaxy S6 - Battery Detail


In moderate use, the cell phone held up well for a normal day in my work routine. Leaving home at 9:00 am for work and returning only around 9:00 p.m., the load remained between 15 and 25{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1}, a reasonable number. Already for more intense use, there is no way not to have a charger always around. It is not a bad result, but it is not a good result, either.

Undeniably there is evolution here, as the cellphone does more with less charge. However, in the day to day of the consumer, this is reflected in a battery autonomy equal or inferior and gives the feeling that Samsung has regressed in this question. Finally, it is worth mentioning the system of fast recharge (Fast Charge), which is able to take the device from 0 to 50{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1} of load in just 30 minutes and really makes a difference in the life of the user. We approve.

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The Samsung decided to invest a little more in the headphones that accompany the Galaxy S6 . And the result of this is that you are probably in front of one of the best headphones ever made available with a mobile phone in the market. The new model has a similar look to the ones that come with the iPhone.

However, the final finish seems to be of the same level or even higher than that of the model marketed by Apple. The Samsung headset is rubberized and looks quite anatomical, both for those who prefer traditional headphones and those who best fit the in-ear models. The feeling of comfort during use is constant.

Comparative headphones


In addition to flat (apparently sturdier) styling, the headphones also feature volume and microphone controls, allowing you to adjust the sound intensity without taking your phone out of your pocket. In addition, you can receive calls or talk to your friends very quietly without necessarily having to touch the cell phone .

If in this case the headphones surprise, this can not be said of the speakers of the smartphone . They are not stereo and can be considered only reasonable. When the volume is set to maximum, the sound is sharp but slightly distorted and with a few hisses. That aspect will not be a nuisance at any time, but the end result is not the premium set that Samsung intends to offer.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the absence of FM Radio, a feature that usually appeals to Brazilian users. If you value this functionality, the Galaxy S6 is not the ideal phone for you to choose.

Galaxy S6 Camera


Galaxy S6 Camera

With 16 megapixels and a f / 1.9 aperture, the Galaxy S6 camera has made significant improvements over its predecessor. The sensor used is the IMX240, manufactured by Sony, the same present in GalaxyNote 4. The set of hardware coupled with software improvements has undeniably made the rear camera one of the best among today’s smartphones .

The camera’s turn-on time, as well as the shooting time, have also been reduced considerably. In the software part there are options for manual adjustments of items such as ISO, exposure and manual focus. The use, however, is somewhat more restricted than the one in the LG G4 and Lumia 930 smartphone softwares , mainly due to the interface that requires more actions and the smaller amount of options offered in the manual mode.


The result of all this is among the best we have ever seen from a smartphone camera . The photos are clear, low noise and with adequate color balance. Seeing the images on the screen Super AMOLED of the device also values the final quality, but even when we pass the photos to the PC the result can still be considered above average.

The Galaxy S6 can still capture videos in 1080p at 30 or 60 fps and videos at 720p at 120 fps. It is also worth mentioning the excellent results that can be obtained in photos taken in low-light environments. The final quality of the images surely puts the rear camera of the device among the best available in the market.

The front camera, with 5 megapixels of resolution, still supports the HDR mode, which ensures more vivid images. Obviously the quality here is inferior to that of the rear camera, but still within the average of the top of the line.

Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera Photos made with the Galaxy S6 camera



In visual terms, the TouchWiz interface is pretty much the same as you’ve been accustomed to seeing for at least a couple of years, but now with crisp touches of Android Lollipop. However fortunately, this time the software modifications made by Samsung seem to have had an effect and it is lighter and consuming less RAM. This does not mean that it has reached an ideal point, but the evolution from one year to the next is clear.

Many items have been refined in menus and setup screens, but only more careful looks will notice these changes. The most interesting point is “under the hood”, that is, in the interface code. In our tests, the RAM consumption did not exceed 1.5 GB with the idle device. At first it may seem like a lot, but it is not, due to the fact that it allocates part of the memory so that some apps can be activated quickly.

Samsung Touchwiz


When they are activated, this memory in use passes to another resource, maintaining a level that, even at times when the cell phone is most demanded, consumption does not exceed 2.3 GB of RAM. In practice, the 3 GB allows the device to work with a good leftover and, as a result, prevents possible gagging or blocking.

Activating the camera, for example, is a task that takes less than a second to complete, even if your smartphone is locked. This speed is not only the hardware, but also the good software optimization that the company did. In other words, it seems that using a chipset made by itself has done well to the end product.

Embedded Apps

The Samsung has always been known for clutter your smartphone s with many unnecessary applications, some of them even without the possibility of uninstalling, leaving less useful space for the consumer. That thought has changed in recent releases and found its best setting on the Galaxy S6 .

The number of embedded software, excepting Android’s standard services, is only 15 and it is possible to uninstall almost all of them. Among them is good news, such as a suite of Microsoft applications that includes Skype, OneDrive and OneNote apps. Other interesting software is SmartManager, which allows you to manage RAM consumption by cleaning up active processes in the background.

Another possibility that should please the Brazilian consumer in full is the theme manager. Through Samsung’s application store , you can download dozens of free themes and apply them very easily to your smartphone , making it look unique and personalized.

Themes on the Galaxy S6

Digital sensor

One item that had a considerable evolution was the fingerprint sensor. If on Galaxy S5 it was a cause for much criticism, the Galaxy S6 experience of using border to perfection: just touch your finger on it so that the fingerprints are recognized and the command in question is confirmed, even with the finger to the side.

In addition to the traditional locking and unlocking features of the screen, there is now also the Samsung Pay, which allows you to make digital payments via PayPal using the digital sensor as an authenticity check item. For Brazilians, at least for now, this feature should be of little use, since there are practically no stores that accept payment methods like this one here.

Galaxy S6 digital sensor

Galaxy gifts

Consumers who purchase a Galaxy S6 will still benefit from some apps and the use of service licenses for free. The news can be accessed through the Galaxy Gifts widget , pre-installed on the device. The list includes apps and games, whose value easily exceeds $ 100. Check out what the benefits are:

Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Apps Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Cases


The Samsung has also invested in a new line of accessories for the Galaxy S6 , including cases, chargers and wireless headphones. All items are sold separately and still have no date to reach the stores or final price set. The first of these is the traditional Flip Cover case, already known from past generations of the Galaxy line . It will be available in gray, yellow, orange, light blue, gold and dark blue. The cover protects both the back of the product and the screen as it has a cutout that allows you to use the S View feature.

In partnership with well-known brands, there are also cases in traditional format, but now belonging to the Designed for Samsung project . The list includes names like Romero Britto, Burton, Kate Spade, Mont Blanc, Rebecca Minkoff and Swarovski.


For those looking for a wireless charger the alternative is the Samsung Wireless Charging Dock . Available in black and white colors, it has a circular shape and allows the user to recharge the battery of their device without the need to use any type of cable connected to it.

Finally, the company is also launching a line of Bluetooth headphones. According to Samsung , the models have battery with capacity up to 11 hours of use. The Level line headphones will be available in blue, silver, red and dark blue. Differentiated design is one of the company’s bets on this accessory.

Cost-benefit ratio

This is perhaps the most delicate point in the evaluation analysis of the Galaxy S6 . Undeniably, the cell phone is one of the best, if not the best, Android on the market right now. Its premium finish is something that makes it stand out from the rest and there is no doubt that most consumers will have a good experience with the smartphone . However, is investing $ 3,299 in a cell phone a good deal?

We know that the cost of producing such a device is considerably lower. However, Samsung’s idea is to position its product as a premium mobile phone , a situation in which the consumer pays more for the design and status of being able to have it in their hands. This has nothing to do with whether the product is good or bad, but rather how the company wants to be seen in the market.

So, when buying a Galaxy S6 know that you are taking home the most expensive Android in Brazil. Broadly speaking, it is better than its direct competitors – at least that’s what our tests have indicated. However, that does not mean that a device below it will not be able to do the same things as efficiently as Samsung’s new model .

Galaxy S6


There is nothing that a Galaxy S6 makes a Moto Maxx, LG G3 or Xperia Z3 fail to do, for example. However, there are improvements, such as hardware evolution and better quality materials in the construction, things that according to Samsung justify the higher cost. Even so, it is difficult to swallow the difference of almost R $ 1 thousand.

Buying a Galaxy S6 overseas is something to be looked at as well. The price of the 32GB version in the US is $ 749 plus rates there (an average 8{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1}). This totals around R $ 2,300 with the current quotation of the dollar. If you do not pay import tax, this scenario might be a good deal. With taxes the value would be higher than buying the cell phone here.

Because the Galaxy S6 is the first major Android launch of 2015, it is only natural that it is the best at the beginning of this new generation. Devices like LG G4 and Xperia Z4, still unavailable, should reach the market and equate to it, decreasing the distance of the Galaxy S6 with the competition. However, we do not know what their final prices will be .

In short: buying a Galaxy S6 now is paying more for being an early adopter (user who buys a product as soon as it is launched ). It is very likely that in three months the price of the device drops about 20 to 30{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1} in stores, which would make it more interesting, although the price adjustment by Samsung has come precisely to combat this usual devaluation, something that does not Happens to its main competitor, Apple. Now, if you’re willing to afford the design and status costs involved in the product, there’s no question that you’ll make a good deal, because quality is not lacking in S6.

Worth it?

There is no doubt that the Galaxy S6 is the best work Samsung has ever done on a smartphone to this day. And to say that to a company that has put so many different models in the market is such a compliment. However, the price to pay for this good job is too high.

Galaxy S6 with box

Accompanying the changes in visuals and more powerful hardware, Samsung has decided to change the brand positioning around the world. It wants consumers to pay for the status and design of their new product, and because of that, the Galaxy S6 eventually became the most expensive Android sold in stores in Brazil.

In terms of hardware, it is today the most powerful available in the market. However, the current top of the line gives the message. In other words, it’s as if you were driving a Lamborghini in a race course, but could not pass the 150 km / h. It is a matter of time for the price to go down and for competitors to launch models capable of competing directly with it – LG G4 and Xperia Z4 should be next on the list.

If high value is not a problem for you, do not doubt that the Galaxy S6 will be excellent in your hands. High quality screen, powerful hardware and above average performance camera are the main highlights of the product. The battery leaves something to be desired not for not having evolved, but for allowing a range similar to the Galaxy S5. At least today, at the time of publication of this review , the Galaxy S6is the best Android phone you can find.

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You ask, and Info Digital responds

1 – Is the Galaxy S6 waterproof?

No. Unlike the Galaxy S5, which had certification of resistance against water and dust, the Galaxy S6 no longer counts on this feature. Therefore, do not wet the appliance.

2 – Is Galaxy S6 superior to Galaxy Note?

Yes. In terms of performance, the Galaxy S6 is faster and more powerful than the Galaxy Note. However, both are very reassuring of any app that exists today in the Play Store.

3 – Will the 128 GB version come to Brazil?

According to Samsung , at least for now, the answer is no. In Brazil, only 32 GB and 64 GB versions will be released. The company claims that there is not enough demand for the 128 GB handsets here.

4 – Does it get very hot when it is being used or charged?

We noticed that the device warmed slightly in these two situations when recharging or running applications that require large processing capacity. However, in our tests, the external temperature of the device did not exceed the mark of 40 degrees, normal value and reached by almost all the top models of line. Because of its metal construction, the feeling of heat seems larger than in plastic-body appliances, but there is no reason to worry about it.

5 – How long does it take to charge the battery of the Galaxy S6 ?

The Galaxy S6 has a supercharger system that, when loaded into the outlet – using the charger supplied with the device – can go from 0 to 50{890c36218bbc94bcbe8f5d159f212155cbf0c932418a12ec06828c4a996999c1} in just 30 minutes. The rest of the recharging is done more slowly. In our test the process was completed at about 1:30 and 1:45.

6- Does the ink from the edge of the rear camera actually peel?

In the device we tested this fact did not happen. However, because the edge of the camera is in contact with the table most of the time, it is possible that this situation occurs. We can not say that it will or will not happen, but there is a propensity for this to occur.

7 – Is it worth exchanging the Galaxy S5 for Galaxy S6 ?

The Galaxy S6 is a premium device with better hardware and finish than its predecessor. However, the price difference is much greater than the real benefits you will have on a day to day basis. In practice, switching to each other will not make that much difference. Or better: even going, but the price to pay for it still does not pay.

8 – Does the Galaxy S6 have FM Radio or Digital TV?

No, the Galaxy S6 is not compatible with FM radio or Digital TV.