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Mechanical keyboard Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum : Review

Mechanical keyboard Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum : Review

One of the most recognized names in the gaming accessory market, Logitech has  yet to establish itself as a major manufacturer of keyboards . After a few tries not very successful in this segment, the company now bet on design s more sober and a switch owner to call the public’s attention.

The G810 Orion Spectrum is the culmination of these efforts, providing an experience that, while appealing to the more casual audience, also has plenty of features for the gamer segment. With a configurable RGB lighting system and a competitive price, the accessory deserves your consideration when setting up your computer setup.

Design and quality

By adopting the international key pattern (there is no ABNT option), the device differs from a ” common keyboard ” by its area dedicated to controlling multimedia applications and by the manufacturer logo at the top.

Betting on plastic materials, the G810 has a high-quality matte finish and keycaps with a good impression and sturdy design – something important considering the features of your switch (which will be discussed in more detail later). The side of the product has a “Black Piano” effect, presenting itself as the most susceptible part to the famous “fingerprints” common to keyboards that are often used.

The lower part of the device has a textured finish (which seems to be merely aesthetic) and five large rubberized areas, which guarantee great stability during use. The manufacturer also bet on two pairs of rubberized adjustments that allow you to determine a height that is more suited to your personal taste.

These buttons have been positioned quite intelligently, and their usefulness applies both to playing videos ( eg “Pause” and “Play” keys ) and to games – being able to adjust the volume without having to leave an application is A convenience with which it is very easy to get used to.

The switch is Romer-G

Created in partnership with OMRON, the switch es Romer-G are proprietary to Logitech and made his debut in the G910, introduced in 2014. However, some options that the manufacturer entered the old keyboard (like the shape of their keys ) causes Technology can only “shine” properly on the G810.

Among the highlights of the solution is a centralized lighting system that makes the product quite different from its competitors. There is not any kind of leakage from the light emitted by each button, which may disappoint those who like something more flashy – but that matches the design of the product as a whole.

The Romer-G has a shelf life of up to 70 million clicks

According to Logitech , the Romer-G has a shelf life of up to 70 million clicks, against the 50 million offered by the product s of Cherry MX, and a system of redundant connectors that ensure greater long-term durability. This is especially important when we consider the problem that the adoption of proprietary technology brings: the difficulty in changing components.

Something common among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts is acquiring keycaps on their own to customize their keyboards – something that simply is not possible on the G810. In addition, the low availability of spare parts means that you will have to contact the manufacturer directly to solve any problem. Fortunately, we are fortunate that Logitech is one of the best post-sales companies among the names that operate in Brazil.

Silence and speed

Thanks to a working distance of only 1.5 mm and a working force of 45 g , the Romer-G is one of the most sensitive switches currently available in the market. Just tap one of the keys so that the corresponding command is registered, which is great for both games and times when you are only writing some text.

The switch is also quite quiet, not having the “click” as characteristic as that seen on keyboards with other technologies. Accustomed to switch es Cherry MX Blue the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013, immediately I felt a big difference and took me a while to accept that the G810 was actually a keyboard mechanic.

Something remarkable on the keyboard is the fact that its buttons have a rather short travel distance when contrasted with other popular models – however, this detail will only be noticed by few consumers.


All the features used in the construction of the G810 make it one of the best mechanical keyboardscurrently available in the Brazilian market.

During our tests there was no incident in which a key was triggered several times “by accident”: even in situations where equal commands were entered several times in a row, the keyboard recorded only what was required of it. The manufacturer’s antighosting system also works very well, and there is no confusion at the time of registering multiple commands made in a short time interval.

The only problem encountered is the lack of an ABNT 2 option

The keyboard layout also makes it a great choice for those just looking for a more comfortable, accurate and quick to type. At this point, the only problem encountered is the lack of an ABNT 2 option, which may force many people to “relearn” how to write, since they lack keys like “Ç”, and “Enter” does not have the traditional ” Boot “.

The need for a wrist support – an increasingly common element in high-performance keyboards – is lacking, and there is no USB input on the body of the device (which, in turn, causes the keyboard to occupy only one connector of the type On your PC).


One advantage brought by the Romer-G switch is the fact that the keyboard’s lighting system has been developed since its inception. The manufacturer opted for a centralized system that illuminates each key evenly, avoiding the impression that one side is darker than the other.

Through Logitech Gaming Software, you choose between 16.8 million colors, each key can have an individual tone or share the same color. The manufacturer also offers several pre-programmed effects and the possibility of investing in your own combinations should you deem it necessary.

The centralized system makes the keys do not “leak” light to the outside, a common effect among other keyboards intended for games. This can not be considered a defect, since this is only an aesthetic option that may or may not be consistent with the personal taste of a certain portion of consumers.


Old acquaintance of users product s Logitech , the Gaming Software company remains a good solution for macro setting. The partnerships established between the company and some productgames ras guarantee the ability to download pre-programmed profiles for a wide variety of titles – with no room for you to store up to 608 different profiles.

The program also allows you to change the functions of any key (your “G” can respond as if it were a “P”, for example), adjust the operation of multimedia functions and configure the insertion of text blocks by pressing a single button , Among other functions. The amount of options available is very large and it pays to spend some time figuring out what the software offers.

The latest version of Gaming Software has the option of installing Overwolf, which shows the number of frames per second of your games and brings some pre-programmed lighting options for some titles. The solution is interesting, though not necessarily essential, and only disappoints because it does not appear integrated with the software of the keyboard manufacturer .

Worth it?

The Logitech did a great job in G810 Orion Spectrum , which shows the best “propaganda” possible to switch Romer-G . The product has quite complete features, ranging from an easy-to-customize RGB lighting system to great software for configuring macros and game profiles.

However, not everything is perfect: the lack of an internal memory and an integrated system to the cloud causes you to have to reconfigure the keyboard in every new machine where it is used – a point at which Gaming Software still leaves a lot Razer Synapse, for example.

In addition, the lighting system may not please many consumers, especially those who like LEDs whose effects “spread” through the body. However, just like adopting an international layout, this is not exactly a defect in the product , but rather a design option that may or may not be in keeping with your personal taste.

Even with a few minor issues, the Logitech G810 is arguably one of the most attractive options in its price range in Brazil. Sold for values ranging from R $ 522.90 to R $ 658, the keyboard has already appeared in some promotions for the attractive value of $ 420, far below what is charged by competitors with similar qualities.

The Orion Spectrum can be considered Logitech’s “definitive debut” in the mechanical keyboardssegment , proving that the company was successful in investing in the creation of the Romer-Gswitch .